LadyHermezz Gallery

Gallery of Bags that we have sold over the years…


The First Ghillies : Etoupe Argyle

KGhillies Etoupe

Oh my god, I remember the sales assistant going crazy over this bag. And if I have one today, it will sell in minutes. This was the first if the Ghillies that came to market, and the first batch exchanged hands for no less than £18,500 pounds. Introduced in 2012, I remember flying someone to Moskow to hand deliver this bag as it was too HOT to fedex!

Maize Croc – Limited Edition Colour

The MAIZE was the 2012 spring summer colour, extremely limited production. Presented here in matte alligator with silver hardware, this colour goes with anything you have on. Its neutral, yet very sophisticated. 

“Geranium Red and Gold = Prosperity”

[Published around the Chinese New Year 2013 – note that Geranium Red was a seasonal bag that is no longer offered] Red with gold has always been associated with good luck, wealth and prosperity… just like the “money pocket” given out to children during chinese new year. Hermes hits the right note with the colour geranium – the mid summer red that could be worn all year. The gold hardware makes this bag suitable for evening function – and perfect for that “tai-tai” get together at Delicious in Mount Kiara or at KuDeTA on top of MBS in Singapore. Strut down the promanade at the London Dorchester, and you have the eyes follow you from one end of the room to the other. This is definately the bag to be seen.

“The 2012 collector’s piece”

Christophe Lemaire, the creative director who took over from JPG (the great), infused yet another “LACOSTE” colours to the 2012 collection. At the time, not all stores were awarded the Arlequin, which comes in a Birkin and Kelly. From what we heard even flagship stores were refused the order at podium, making it even more sought after. Now in April 2014, this bag is still available on the resellers market – as an iconic collectors piece.

35cm Birkin Club ETAIN – the most popular club birkin ever.

 Gris Paris Matte Alligator Sac Birkin 30cm