Blue Jasmine, the movie to watch. The Birkin, the bag to buy.



It was like an awakening after a long lapse of self induced “coma” from the reality of life. How did I miss this movie back in 2013/14. Cate Blanchett ( pronounced ‘blan-shet” not Blanket ?) was superb in it and won the coveted Oscar for Best Performing Actress, as well as the Golden Globe and the BAFTA, ahead of Dame Judi Dench and Meryl Streep.  Cate paid tribute to Judi who then at the age of 79 was still active and filming in India and still active today at 83!

In Blue Jasmine, Cate played a formerly rich glamorous NYC socialite who had to move in with her working class sister when she lost everything. A very Woody Allen movie that will make you realise – even for a very short moment, the importance of the people that you have around you, and appreciate that you are important to them too.

imageWhat I should also not fail to mention is that the headlines for the movie read…  Hermès Bag From ‘Blue Jasmine’ Cost More Than The Film’s Entire Costume Budget

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Cate said that the Hermes bag she carried was more than the $35,000 allotted to the Costume Designer Suzy Benzinger, therefore it was actually borrowed from Suzy’s personal collection for the movie!  I doubt Suzy was aware at the time that her bag was going to be thrown on the sidewalk again and again and again… oooops.

“ and there I was, throwing it on the sidewalk again and again. I felt her blood pressure go up every time it hit the pavement. The waiting list for those bags is decades. You’re in wheelchairs before they arrive,” Blanchett says.

So in 2018, the focus and trend is going towards the Birkin. The Kelly 20 sales have slowed down somewhat, and as the stores focused on the smaller bags, size 35, is beginning to be harder and harder to find. The premium is still far less than the size 30’s but its slowly catching up. Towards the end of last year, demands were for the earthen colours like gold, camel greys and toupes.  For a list of what we have, please visit us at LadyHermezz.Net  we will be revising the prices DOWNWARDS of the bags at this weekend, so do email me if there is a bag that you are particularly interested in.


PS: On a private note,  thank you for the support and encouragement, not least the patience, for the time I have been away. I would not be here today if it were not for each and every one of you.

Quick List of Available Bags in London

( We are repricing the bags in Euros )



35cm Hermes Birkin BORDEAUX RED Shiny Porosus with Gold Hardware T# SOLD



25cm Hermes Birkin OMBRE Silver Hardware M# Euros 48,000
B25 OMBRE 09 copy

30cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Shiny Nilo with Silver Hardware M# Euros  54600 (2015 receipt)
B30 Croc Black PHW 031 copy

30cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Matte Nilo with Gold Hardware  £52,500 (SOLD)

30cm Hermes Birkin Himalaya WHITE  Silver Hardware L# Euros 78,000 (NOT USED)
B30 Hima L Stamp63

30cm Hermes Birkin Himalaya WHITE  Silver Hardware T Stamp £72,500 -(SOLD)

35cm Hermes Birkin ROUGE BRAISE Shiny Porosus with Silver Hardware  M# Euros 36,000 (USED-Missing Lock & Clochette)

35cm Hermes Birkin BLUE ABYSS Shiny Porous Croc with Silver Hardware P# SOLD



35cm Hermes Birkin PAILLE STRAW YELLOW Matte Alligator with Silver Hardware M# Euros 54,600 
B35PaillePHW 45

35cm Hermes Birkin SANGUINE ORANGE  Matte Alligator with Silver Hardware Q# Euros 51,000

35cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Shiny Porosus with Gold Hardware M# Euros56,400
DSC_0729 copy

Calf Leather Birkins

25cm Hermes Birkin GOLD Togo Leather with Gold Hardware X# SOLD

30cm Hermes Birkin BLUE COLVERT Togo Leather Gold Hardware T# SOLD
B30 B Colvert Togo GHW 50 copy

30cm Hermes Birkin GRIZLY Brown with Gold Hardware  P# Euros 13,500
B30 Brown Grizzly GHW 26

35cm Hermes Birkin SO BLACK Box Leather BLACK PVD Hardware O# Euros 26500
B35 SoBlack Box70 copy

USED 35cm Hermes Birkin Gold Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware V# Euros 9000
B35GoldEpsomGHW 75 copy

USED 35cm Hermes Birkin WHITE Epsom Leather with Silver Hardware L# Euros 9000
B35 USED White Ep Phw L#81

USED 35cm Hermes Birkin BAMBOO GREEN Clemence Leather with Gold Hardware R# Euros 9000 


No stock


28cm Hermes Kelly ULTRA VIOLET PURPLE Shiny Nilo Crocodile Silver hardware X# £49,500
K28 Ultra Violet GHW60

32cm Hermes Kelly COCOAN BROWN Shiny Nilo Crocodile Silver hardware P# £38,500
K32 Cocoan Shiny Nilo PHW5 copy

32cm Hermes Kelly GRIS TOURTERELLE Shiny Nilo Crocodile Silver hardware X# £42,500
K32 Gris T Croc Nilo PHW 0 copy

32cm Hermes Kelly GRAPHITE Shiny Nilo Crocodile GOLD hardware X# £42,500

35cm Hermes Kelly  ROUGE HERMES matte alligator with Silver Hardware Q# £28,000 (USED)

Calf Leather

20cm Hermes Kelly Shoulder GOLD  Leather with Gold Hardware £7,500
K20 Shoulder Gold GHW 92

20cm Hermes Kelly WHITE  Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware £9,500

28cm Hermes Kelly BLUE HYDRA EverColour Leather with Gold Hardware £12,500

K28 Hydra35 copy

28cm Hermes Kelly ROUGE CASQUE EverColour Leather with Gold Hardware £14,500
K28 Casaque21 copy

32cm Hermes Kelly ETAIN (tin grey) EverColour Leather with Gold Hardware £12,500

32cm Hermes Kelly GHILLIES  VERT VERONESE Swift Leather with Gold Hardware £13,500

35cm Hermes Kelly BLUE MYKONOS Swift leather with Gold Hardware £7,500

Hermes Kelly Pochette

Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch



BLACK Shiny Porosus CROCODILE  with GOLD HARDWARE £19,500 

Quick List of Available Bags in Singapore

– 25cm Hermès Birkin –

Himalaya Blanc with Palladium Hardware SGD 137,000
Rose Sakura Swift Leather with Palladium Hardware SGD 25,000

– 30cm Hermès Birkin –
Beton Matte Alligator with Gold Hardware POA
Terre Cuite Ostrich with Gold Hardware SGD 49,500
Fuchsia Ostrich with Palladium Hardware – SGD 29,500
Craie Togo Leather with Gold Hardware SGD 25,000
Fue Orange Togo Leather with Gold Hardware SGD 22,500

– 32cm Hermès Haut à Courroies –
Mousse Ostrich Beton with Gold Hardware (preloved like New) SGD 44,000

– 35cm Hermès Birkin –

Black Shiny Porosus Croc with Gold Hardware SGD 100,000
Fauve Barenia Matte Alligator with Palladium Hardware SGD 90,000
Beton Matte Alligator with Palladium Hardware (Pre loved) SGD 80,000
White Clemence Leather with Palladium Hardware SGD 23,000
Limited Edition Tosca Candy with Palladium Hardware (pristine – lightly used) SGD 19,500

– 40cm Hermès Birkin –
Black Togo with Gold Hardware SGD 23,000

– 28cm Hermès Kelly –
Rouge Casaque Epsom with Palladium Hardware SGD 24,000
Black Togo with Palladium Hardware SGD 23,000

– 32cm Hermès Kelly –
So Black (preloved like NEW) SGD 100,000
Tri Leather Ghillies Sanguine with Permabrass Hardware SGD 90,000
Bordeaux Shiny Nilo Croc with Gold Hardware SGD 85,000
Rouge Granat Togo with Gold Hardware SGD 25,000

– 35cm Hermès Kelly –
Sellier Graphite Shiny Porosus Croc with Palladium Hardware SGD 90,500
Feu Epsom with Gold Hardware SGD 25,000
Limited Edition Flag White/Rouge Casaque with Palladium Hardware SGD 25,000

– Others –
23cm Medor Bleu Colvert/Bleu Pétrole Alligator/Lézard Palladium Hardware POA
Kelly Pochette Rose Confetti with Palladium Hardware  SGD 17,000
18cm Constance Blue Electric with Palladium Hardware (Preloved like NEW) SGD 40,000
Kelly Pochette Orange Alligator Palladium Hardware SGD 37,000
23cm Medor Black  Shiny Porosus Croc Palladium Hardware SGD 29,000
23cm Medor Sanguine Shiny Niloticus Croc Gold Hardware SGD 29,000
Kelly Pochette Blue Iris Ostrich Gold Hardware SGD 27,500
23cm Medor Black Shiny Lézard Palladium Hardware SGD 21,000
29cm Jige Coraline/Orange~Milo/Lezard Niloticus SGD 13,000
23cm Medor Rogue H Tadelakt Leather Permabrass Hardware SGD 10,000

Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
For enquiries : +6582287833 /

Salon Privé Singapore December 2015 Listings

Hermès Kelly

  • 25cm Kelly Sellier Blue Paradise  Epsom  Palladium Hardware £12,500
  • 25cm Kelly Sellier HSS Rose Confetti/Blue Atoll  Epsom  Brushed Gold Hardware £21,500
  • 28cm Kelly Sellier Blue Electrique  Shiny Niloticous Croc  Palladium Hardware £40,000
  • 32cm Kelly Retourne Limited Edition Ebene  Croc Ghillies  Palladium Hardware £42,000
  • 32cm Kelly Retourne Limited Edition Beton  Croc Ghillies  Palladium Hardware £42,500

Hermès Birkin

  • 25cm Birkin Bourgogne  Shiny Niloticus Croc  Gold Hardware £41,500
  • 30cm Birkin Terre Cuite  Ostrich  Palladium Hardware £24,500
  • 30cm Birkin Etoupe  Clemence  Palladium Hardware £11,500
  • 30cm Birkin Feu  Togo  Gold Hardware £11,500
  • 30cm Birkin Rouge Casaque  Epsom  Palladium Hardware £12,500
  • 30cm Birkin Gris Tourterelle  Togo  Gold Hardware £13,000


  • 26cm Lindy Terre Cuite  Ostrich  Palladium Hardware £16,500
  • Kelly Pochette Rouge Vif  Tadelakt  Palladium Harware £6,500 (preloved)

Preview: December 2015…

The market for 35cm has certainly picked up with the recent sell out of almost all the 35cm Hermes Birkin  that came in before it got listed. Here is a quick list of bags that is coming in for December 2015 :

The Himalaya Collection
Note that the Gris Cendre Himalaya is sold. But we have the following available from the 1st December:
B30 Himalaya White £72,500
B35 Himalaya White £95,000 (super rare)
28cm Hermes Kelly Himalaya White £80,000
28cm Hermes Kelly Himalaya Gris Cendre £90,000 (extremely rare)


B25 Black Togo GHW
Other available colours in the same leather and hardware: Blue Atoll (3P), Taupe (16), Bamboo (1K), Turquoise (7B)

B30 Black Epsom Leather Gold Hardware
Other available colours in the same leather and hardware: Blue Atoll (3P), Blue Colvert (1P), Caramel (28), Orange (93), Rouge Casaque (Q5) Rose Jaipur (T5)

B30 Black Togo Leather with Gold Hardware
Other available colours in the same leather and hardware: Blue Electric (7T), Gold (37), Bamboo (1K), Orange (93), Feu Orange (9J)

32cm Hermes Kelly ROSE TYRIEN Epsom Leather Silver hardware  
Other available colours Kelly Bags : Caramel (28), Orange (93), Rouge Casaque (Q5), Rose Jaipur (T5), Gold (37), Bamboo (1K), Blue Electric (7T)

For prices and up to date availability of the above bags, please email

35cm Hermès Birkin White Clemence PHW £11,500

Snow White

B35 White Phw 1

35cm Hermès Birkin
White Clemence Leather
Palladium Hardware
£11,500 UK Pounds

Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore +6582287833 / 

Thank you Jamie Chua !

Someone just sent me this photo and what can I say… Thank you so much Jamie!

Her collection is second to none, and we hope that the bag she ordered from us arrives safely in Singapore soon. Had I known it was Jamie who ordered the bag, I would have flown over to deliver the bag myself!

Thank you Jamie… We look forward to you sharing your purchase with the world!