The bidding war for a handbag… for a 2005 leather birkin.

LadyHermezz  goes youtube…

Christies Auction is synonymous with bidding wars where unimaginable amounts will be exchanging hands of things that will never see the light of day. In the greater scheme of things, the price obtained below is a small fry when compared to the L’Homme au doigt by Alberto Giacometti which sold for $14o at Christie’s in May 2015; or the Pink Star diamond that sold for $70 million by Sotherby’s in Hong Kong last April.

Whilst the general public might not be fazed by the likes of billionaires splurging millions of dollars on sculptures and trinkets, spending a thousand pound on a 12 year old tiny handbag that appears to have been sprayed by a golden metallic paint would make most heads turn and eyes rolled in judgement. Seeing what was actually achieved however would render even the most jaded of individuals utterly speechless. Watch the video… tell me it did not make you gawk.