The Gallop (au galop)

When in London,  gallop down Oxford Street but strut as you turn into Bond Street. Thanks to Hermes new Kelly 2017, you can actually strut and gallop at the same time!

Introducing the 2017 limited edition : The Kelly Gallop.

I cannot remember the last time Hermes adopted an “equestrian” theme to name the style of a bag and indeed odd that they selected the Kelly as it was the Birkin that started its origin from the Haut a Courroies as a bag to carry a riding boots.If doing the handle was not hard enough before, the handle on this collection takes 4 times longer to make and rumoured that they were actually hand made in Italy before being passed to the French master craftsmen to be added to the Kelly.

They come in a number of colours and the ones out now are chalk white, blue electric, indigo, black and gold. For what we have in stock, please visit





HONG KONG will start the Hermes Auction for the Christmas season on the 29th November. They have always performed well with prices exceeding estimate on the majority of bags sold there. There won’t be one in London, as this will be combined with Paris. It was always thought that Paris has performed better than London but I feel that the prices achieved there are in line with resellers prices and sometimes even cheaper.

I am offering the service again to assist anyone wishing to bid in Paris with a door to dor personal delivery of any exotic bags sold. Some exotic bags cannot be sold outside the EU, as we are based in the UK, we won’t be subjected to this restriction. Some bags are subjected to  VAT on hammer price if it is collected in person in France. Ladyhermezz tax status means that we can make purchases without having to pay the VAT and therefore there is nothing to claim back.

The catalogue for the Paris auction can be found on their website.

Please email me at on more information about this service.



Announcing the new website : Ladyhermezz.NET!!!

Dear all,

This was long overdue… and honestly I never thought it was going to happen. But here we are, finally an commerce website. To kick off the website I have reduced the prices of some of our bags. In time, subscribers to will be ported over to We will also link the bags on instagram to this website to allow for you to search the bags that are available for immediate purchase more easily.

The prices on the website is quoted in US$, we are looking at plugins and widgets that will allow you to see the prices in your local currency.

Visit :