The Birkin VERSO is here!

Limited edition “Verso” Black and Blue Agate birkin

This is absolutely completely hard to get, and you will so love to carry this among all your arm candies!

2017 saw the return of the Eclat, So Flash, Candy for the summer with the VERSO : 35cm Hermes Birkin with a different colour lining. This is the most sought after BLACK VERSO with Blue Agate interior. Our guys have had the pleasure of securing one from the Paris store so the bag is on its way to me as we speak. We have seen this bag selling and marketed between US$ 20,500 to US$ 27,000 we are pricing ours at US$ 19,500!!! 

We do not have this bag with us just yet… so here are the photos we took from the internet. Please note that the bag below is not the one that is for sale from us.

b35-verso-black-blue-agate-01 b35-verso-black-blue-agate-02


Also available is the GOLD VERSO :which is the 35cm Hermes Birkin  VERSO Gold/Tan with Red Geranium Lining at US$ 18,990

Coming Feb/March 2017

Here is what we have in the pipeline

Exotics List

  1. 25cm Hermes Birkin  Matte Alligator Blue Saint Cyr with Silver Hardware US$ 57000
  2. 30cm Hermes Birkin Matte Alligator BLUE PAON with Gold Hardware US$ 62,100
  3. 30cm Hermes Birkin Shiny Porosus ORANGE POPPY with Gold Hardware US$ 67,000
  4. Kelly Mini Pochette Clutch Shiny Croc VERT FONCE with Gold Hardware US$ 27,600
  5. 28cm Hermes Kelly Shiny Crocodile  Emerald Green with Gold Hardware US$ 69,000


Whats available in London now. (Update)

Here is a list of bags available in London, please click on the photo for a full size photo and where the other photos of the bag can be found on the web directory.


35cm Hermes Kelly Matte Alligator Poussiere

Pink is so over rated this Valentine….


Matte Poussiere Matte Alligator Hermes Kelly with Silver Hardware came in today, and if I can afford it, it would certainly make an amazing collection of Hermes bags for me to lug around with. Its in pristine condition and dare I say, like new condition with plastics on. We are also listing this at an amazing price of just USD 47,500.