Reduced! SANGUINE MATTE Alligator with Silver Hardware £39,900

The Blood Orange Birkin : REDUCED!


Sanguine was a welcome colour to the Hermes Collection at the start of the previous Hermes Creative director reign who came from Lacoste. He wanted to introduce “COLOUR” to the range of Hermes Bags after Jean Paul Gaultier left his mark on the So Black collection before his departure.


For 2016, sanguine only came in the shiny version which is very different to this muted orange look. This is certainly an every day bag for the working lady as it has the neutrality of the earthen orange tone and at the same time adds that little zest of colour to your attire.


35cm Hermes Birkin
Sanguine Orange in Matte Alligator
Presented as Unused Condition Q stamp (2013)
£39,900 UK Pounds (negotiable…)

Up coming bags at great prices..

Here is a list of what we have coming in at good prices…. and to show you how good they are, we are pricing it in Singapore Dollars and US dollars: Click on prices seen elsewhere for link of where the price came from.

Item Price comparison Our Price
 US$  Sing$  Stat
25cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Black GOLD HW US$ 14,473 SGD$ 19,727 SOLD
25cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Blue Paon GOLD HW US$ 17,999 US$ 14,473 SGD$ 19,727
25cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Blue Sapphire GOLD HW US$21,675 US$ 14,473 SGD$ 19,727
28cm Kelly Sellier Contour Epsom Blue Indigo GOLD HW US$ 14,921 SGD$ 20,337
28cm Kelly Sellier Contour Epsom Rouge H GOLD HW US$ 14,921 SGD$ 20,337 SOLD
28cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Blue Sapphire GOLD HW US$ 21,675 US$ 14,921 SGD$ 20,337
28cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Rose Jaipur GOLD HW US$21,500 US$ 14,921 SGD$ 20,337
32cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Black GOLD HW US$18,950 US$ 15,833 SGD$ 21,580
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Black GOLD HW US$ 57,375 SGD$ 78,200
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Gris Tourterelle Palladium US$ 57,375 SGD$ 78,200
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Graphite GOLD HW US$ 53,325 SGD$ 72,680
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Cocoan Palladium US$ 51,300 SGD$ 69,920
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Bordeaux GOLD HW US$ 62,364 SGD$ 85,000

Closer look : 2 tone croc Birkin 

This is a rare “one of a kind” Birkin that you cannot even be on the wait list to order one for. Less that one in every 100 centurion card holders will have the opportunity to order one in their lifetime, so you can wave that card in the air at Hermes like a Diva from Las Vagas if you like,  they won’t give a shit. 

So let’s have a closer look of what £62,5oo Birkin looks like and you’ll see why it could fetch £90k at Christies auction.
Only available from LadyHermezz.Com. 

30cm Hermes Birkin Bordeaux Shiny Porosus Gold Hardware £49,950

There is Red and then there’s Bordeaux

B30BordeauxGHW38 copy

The colour and the bag needs no introduction, so here are the photos .

30cm Hermes Birkin 
Red Bordeaux in Shiny Porosus Crocodile
Gold Hardware


Like New Cheapest Croc Birkins anywhere?

These may not be available for very long… Because of the year of the blind stamp, we cannot say its Brand New in a Box. That said, with ZERO signs of any wear, you’d be hard pressed to prove otherwise.

1. 35cm Hermes Birkin  Rouge H Shiny Porosus Crocodile with Gold Hardware P#£43, 500

 B35RedHGHW16 copy
Additional photos can be found here:

2. 35cm Hermes Birkin  Black Matte Nilo Croc with Silver Hardware P# £42, 500

B35BlackMatte98 copy
Additional photos can be found here:

Quick List of Available Bags in London

( We are repricing the bags in Euros )



35cm Hermes Birkin BORDEAUX RED Shiny Porosus with Gold Hardware T# SOLD



25cm Hermes Birkin OMBRE Silver Hardware M# Euros 48,000
B25 OMBRE 09 copy

30cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Shiny Nilo with Silver Hardware M# Euros  54600 (2015 receipt)
B30 Croc Black PHW 031 copy

30cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Matte Nilo with Gold Hardware  £52,500 (SOLD)

30cm Hermes Birkin Himalaya WHITE  Silver Hardware L# Euros 78,000 (NOT USED)
B30 Hima L Stamp63

30cm Hermes Birkin Himalaya WHITE  Silver Hardware T Stamp £72,500 -(SOLD)

35cm Hermes Birkin ROUGE BRAISE Shiny Porosus with Silver Hardware  M# Euros 36,000 (USED-Missing Lock & Clochette)

35cm Hermes Birkin BLUE ABYSS Shiny Porous Croc with Silver Hardware P# SOLD



35cm Hermes Birkin PAILLE STRAW YELLOW Matte Alligator with Silver Hardware M# Euros 54,600 
B35PaillePHW 45

35cm Hermes Birkin SANGUINE ORANGE  Matte Alligator with Silver Hardware Q# Euros 51,000

35cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Shiny Porosus with Gold Hardware M# Euros56,400
DSC_0729 copy

Calf Leather Birkins

25cm Hermes Birkin GOLD Togo Leather with Gold Hardware X# SOLD

30cm Hermes Birkin BLUE COLVERT Togo Leather Gold Hardware T# SOLD
B30 B Colvert Togo GHW 50 copy

30cm Hermes Birkin GRIZLY Brown with Gold Hardware  P# Euros 13,500
B30 Brown Grizzly GHW 26

35cm Hermes Birkin SO BLACK Box Leather BLACK PVD Hardware O# Euros 26500
B35 SoBlack Box70 copy

USED 35cm Hermes Birkin Gold Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware V# Euros 9000
B35GoldEpsomGHW 75 copy

USED 35cm Hermes Birkin WHITE Epsom Leather with Silver Hardware L# Euros 9000
B35 USED White Ep Phw L#81

USED 35cm Hermes Birkin BAMBOO GREEN Clemence Leather with Gold Hardware R# Euros 9000 


No stock


28cm Hermes Kelly ULTRA VIOLET PURPLE Shiny Nilo Crocodile Silver hardware X# £49,500
K28 Ultra Violet GHW60

32cm Hermes Kelly COCOAN BROWN Shiny Nilo Crocodile Silver hardware P# £38,500
K32 Cocoan Shiny Nilo PHW5 copy

32cm Hermes Kelly GRIS TOURTERELLE Shiny Nilo Crocodile Silver hardware X# £42,500
K32 Gris T Croc Nilo PHW 0 copy

32cm Hermes Kelly GRAPHITE Shiny Nilo Crocodile GOLD hardware X# £42,500

35cm Hermes Kelly  ROUGE HERMES matte alligator with Silver Hardware Q# £28,000 (USED)

Calf Leather

20cm Hermes Kelly Shoulder GOLD  Leather with Gold Hardware £7,500
K20 Shoulder Gold GHW 92

20cm Hermes Kelly WHITE  Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware £9,500

28cm Hermes Kelly BLUE HYDRA EverColour Leather with Gold Hardware £12,500

K28 Hydra35 copy

28cm Hermes Kelly ROUGE CASQUE EverColour Leather with Gold Hardware £14,500
K28 Casaque21 copy

32cm Hermes Kelly ETAIN (tin grey) EverColour Leather with Gold Hardware £12,500

32cm Hermes Kelly GHILLIES  VERT VERONESE Swift Leather with Gold Hardware £13,500

35cm Hermes Kelly BLUE MYKONOS Swift leather with Gold Hardware £7,500

Hermes Kelly Pochette

Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch



BLACK Shiny Porosus CROCODILE  with GOLD HARDWARE £19,500 

Focus : The Customised Birkin Collection

If you have been “offered” a special order bag; it’s a clear sign that you are an important client of Hermes. A “somebody” in a sea of “nobodies”. If you haven’t done the leg work or bought enough tats from Hermes to be offered one, we have done the work (and spending) for you. 

We have a few more coming in this season so stay tuned…. 
1. HSS (horse shoe stamp) 30cm EMERALD and Anise Green Shiny Crocodile (Nilo) Birkin with Gold Hardware £62,500 uk pounds. 
More photos can be found at :
2. HSS 30cm Fuchsia/ Etoupe in Chèvre Coromandel £18,500 uk pounds 

More photos can be found at : 

 3. HSS 35cm Rose Shocking/ Violine lining Birkin in Chèvre Mysore (you can no longer order a Chèvre bag in this size making it an extremely rare therefore collectable bag) £16500 uk pounds 
More photos can be found at :