Preowned 35cm Hermes Birkin PAILLE £35,000

The Last Straw?

B35PaillePHW 45

This is the colour that only came out once and was never really seen again because the attempt to revive this colour in 2014 resulted in a darker shade and was then called Mais.

B35PaillePHW 40

On a light colour like this, the skin used must first be of a certain shade, too dark and the darker shade of the skin needs to be bleached which weakens the skin. Therefore the skin itself must be of a certain quality before it can be used to make light shaded coloured bags. With yellow, it is particularly difficult to achieve unless the original skin itself is very pale to begin with. Which is why for example, light matte pink and light yellow shades are rare to be found.

This bag was purchased in 2009 and from the look of it, which confirms what the owners has said, it was hardly ever worn. The handles is hardly darken and no scuff marks on the bag.  Superb price too as its well below retail given that the UK pounds is weak!

35cm Hermes Birkin  
Paille / Straw Yelow in Matte Alligator
M Stamp (2009)

30cm Hermes Birkin Etrusque Croc GHW £39,900

The golden brown croc Birkin

Birkin 30 Etrusque Croc

If you were ever privy the highly “confidential list” of colours offered at podium and for special orders, you will know that Etrusque was never one of them. The colour was last seen on the Ostrich back in 2007/2008 era and to my knowledge has never appeared since. To be offered one in crocodile is certainly completely unexpected.

The colour is similar to Miel, with perhaps a touch of yellow. reminds me of maple syrup on pancakes. With gold hardware the bag stand out but with an earthy neutral tone.

30cm Hermes Birkin
Etrusque Brown Shiny Nilo Crocodile with Gold Hardware
£39,900 on nearest offer

35cm Hermès Birkin Fauve Barenia Matte Alligator PHW SGD 90,000

Contemporary Classic

Processed with MOLDIV

It’s difficult to describe this leather. Exotic matte yet it has that velvety feel to it.

Dyed and processed in the same way as the Barenia Saddle leather.

This skin is the most expensive of all Hermes range  even more expensive to buy than the Himalaya. With contrasting white stitching, its oozes chic, sophistication in the most youthful and casual way.

35cm Hermès Birkin
Barenia Matte Alligator
Palladium Hardware
SGD 90,000 (Singapore Dollars)
Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
For enquiries : +6582287833 / 

32cm Hermès Kelly Ghillies Sanguine Tri Leather SGD 90,000

Limited Edition

Processed with MOLDIV


Limited Edition
32cm Hermès Kelly 
Tri Leather Ghillies
Permabrass Hardware
SGD 90,000 (Singapore Dollars)


Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
For enquiries : +6582287833 /