Pre-loved 30cm Hermès Birkin Fuchsia Ostrich Palladium Hardware SGD 29,500

Amazing Colour @ Bargain Price

B30 Fuchsia Ostrich Phw 1


30cm Hermès Birkin
Palladium Hardware
SGD 29,500 (Singapore Dollars)


Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
For enquiries : +6582287833 / 

Cheap preloved collection (New Photos & Reduced Price!)

Some deals are too good to miss!

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We picked up the following bags today for quick sale as we enter the final semester before the summer holidays…  we will replace the photos below when daylight comes, but for now, as you will be reading this in Asia…

1. SOLD £8500 (UK Pounds) Limited Edition 32cm Hermes Kelly Flag in Flamingo and Coral – the rare and most sought after Kelly Sellier. Condition is Excellent – with minor signs of wear and a visible dent in the back but no other marks and scratches.

K32 Flag Flamingo Coral 05

2. £8500 HSS (Horse Shoe Stamp) Special Order Two tone 35cm Hermes Birkin  in Gris Tourtetelle and Rose Jaipur in Clemence Leather with Gold Hardware. The bag still retains its shape and a special pillow will be provided with this purchase in order to retain its shape in the longer term.

HSS B35 Etoupe RJ GHW 15


3. £8500 32cm Hermes Kelly Sellier in BOTTLE GREEN COURCHEVAL (the old Epsom) with Gold Hardware “W” in a circle. For a bag this old, its in as meat perfect condition you can find. In the colour that is similar to Vert Bangle. The bag is with the original hardware right around the time a shoulder strap was introduced but not before the Double D was brought in. We price this collectable item higher than the newer bags below simply because of its amazing rarity.

K32 Bottle Green Vintage33

Beige is the new black?

Tabac Camel, Mais and Paille got together for a photoshoot

We have a lightly used 35cm Hermes Birkin  Paille (Straw) Yellow coming to us next week (not the one in the photo by the way), the 30cm Hermes Birkin in Tabac Camel Ostrich with gold hardware and a new comer, 30cm Hermes Birkin Mais (Maize) in Matte Porosus Crocodile with Gold Hardware to offer this week. Prices noted below, but here are the photos.

B30 Croc Mais GHW48 copy

Details & Prices

30cm Hermes Birkin TABAC CAMEL OSTRICH with GOLD Hardware £19,500

30cm Hermes Birkin MAIS Matte Porosus Crocodile with GOLD Hardware £46,500

35cm Hermes Birkin  Paille Matte Porosus Crocodile with Silver Hardware £32,000 (used)