32cm Hermes Kelly Croc Ghillies £45,000

Arriving In May is this year’s limited edition Hermes Kelly Ghillies in the colour Maize yellow Matt Alligator  with Caramel calf leather trim. Below is a sample photo only – please contact us if you wish to reserve this bag before it’s sold. There are only a small number beng made!

32cm Hermes Kelly Ghillies in Pale brown Maise and Caramel trim. 2016 limited edition catwalk Hermes Kelly. 

Two tone croc birkin £42500

The Limited Edition Croc 

In 2006 Hermes made a limited edition series of Black Crocodile with splashes of colour on the handles and belt (mainly Orange and Fuchsia). Now and again we do get a used version coming on to the market but none recently is in the condition which is unused and Brand New in a Box condition. 

35cm Hermes Birkin Black Shiny Porosus Crocodile with Fuchsia handles, belt and piping. K stamp (2006)


Unused BNIB 35cm Hermes Birkin So Black £25000

The black gold.

Oil has traditionally been referred to as BLACK GOLD – till of course the price dropped from 120 to under 30 dollars per barrel. The price of So Black birkin bags however have continued to rise. There is even one on eBay listed below : 

Well, we have secured one too… No photos to publish yet. And our price won’t be too difficult to adjust to as we don’t have EBay cost to pay. 

Unused never carried and bears no marks scratches debts inside or outside. Few last remaining ones in the world that’s never been used.