Cease and Desist demand : The Purse Forum

[Our reputation is our only asset in this business, and we have been honest and gracious in all dealings. It pains me to do this, but for the last 2 years we have been fighting to get any negative references about us removed, and the PurseForum has ignored our requests and deleted my posts to remedy the situation. If anyone wishes to join us in a class action against the website, please feel free to contact us.]

Open letter to the OWNERS OF The Purse Forum

LADYHERMEZZ has spent many many years as a reputable reseller in Hermes Handbags, with over 32000 followers on Intagram, our reputation and our access to the world’s most coveted handbag is second to none. Our integrity the the centre of everything we do.

The PurseForum however has encouraged and engaged in spreading false, destructive, and defamatory rumours about LADYHERMEZZ.COM

As owners of the website – The Purse Forum, that it is unlawful to engage, encourage and facilitate in defamation of another’s character and reputation.

Defamation consists of
(1) a statement that tends to injure reputation;
(2) communicated to another; and
(3) that the speaker knew or should have known was false.

Your defamatory statements involved the accusation that Ladyhermezz knowingly and intentionally stole photos to sell handbags.

Accordingly, we demand that you

(A) immediately cease and desist your unlawful defamation of LADYHERMEZZ.COM and
(B) provide us with prompt written assurance within ten (10) days that you will cease and desist from further defamation of LADYHERMEZZ character and reputation.

If you do not comply with this cease and desist demand within this time period, LADYHERMEZZ is entitled to seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your defamation. In the event you fail to meet this demand, please be advised that LADYHERMEZZ WILL pursue all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay court costs and our attorney’s fees.

Your liability and exposure under such legal action could be considerable.

Before taking these steps, however, we wish to give you this opportunity to discontinue your illegal conduct by complying with this demand within ten (10) days (5th APRIL 2016)


With respect,



The Dove Grey thats a little Green

Probably the best colour in years

K32 Gris T Croc Nilo PHW 0 copy

Gris Tourterelle in crocodile is rather different to ones you see in calf leather. Its light grey with greenish rather than creamy beige tones. Its even harder to photograph as the green sheen is only visible in daylight, a shade that the eye can see buy the camera lens finds it very difficult to photograph.

ON HOLD! Remember Argile?

Argile (Fr) ~ Clay (English)

B35 Argile PHW copyThis in an absolutely rare find indeed. In 2012, Hermes brought in the very neutral earthen beige colour called Agile, available tourillon clemence, then grain d’H and finally tadelakt with the guilloche hardware.

In case you are wondering what ‘tourillon clemence’ or ‘tadelakt’ means in French, from what I understand, it means absolutely nothing. However it entertains the hell out of the French store assistance when the Japanese and the Chinese try to utter them. The leather being favoured by the French, I guess the idea is the foreigners won’t buy bags in leather they cannot pronounce. Well that’s my take on the silly names that Hermes comes up with now and again anyway. This French humour as the late Dumas would put it:
“Ingrained in the culture and DNA of Err-Messs”

The Argile version in clemence was short lived, with only one season and the colour – as with most sought after beautiful colours like 5P, (which agin is very typical of Hermes) was discontinued.

When we acquired this bag, we were reliably informed that Hermes searched the bowels of the Hermes store room in all four corners of the earth to find the last remaining Argile Birkin in the original tourillon clemence version in 2015 for a VVVVIP client. More likely though it was uncovered during last year’s stock take in London in an unopened box labelled “clay” and the person who bought it never got round to using it and now she has moved on to exotics…

The bag is Brand New in a Box, unused never carried from day 1.

 We hope that this bag will find a great home new. Its certainly a colour like no other as Hermes veered on the wild LSD tripping psychedelic side with the introduction of lime and kiwi under Christophe Lemaire.

B35ArgilePHW 47

35cm Hermes Birkin
Argile / Clay Beige in Clemence Leather with Silver Hardware
Our Price : £10,950

Honey, I shrunk the Himalaya!

25cm Hermes Kelly and Birkin Himalaya White

B25 HimalayaPHW 0712 copyIn the good old days, managers went to podium with their clients in mind, ordering what their clients demand in order to retain clients’ loyalty to the brand, and in places like London, the loyalty to the individual boutiques. London for example has the most number of Hermes boutiques in one city in Europe (Paris only has 3) and Hong Kong has 8! Therefore clienst of the store can ask for almost anything they desire… but that was the good old days.

Nowadays, the scene like a meat market in Paris, with more people queuing to catch the glimpse of the Hermes Sales Assistant than the number of people queuing to see the Mona Liza in the Louvre. The answer probably lies in the fact that one cannot “buy” the Mona Liza, these people ain’t gonna queue to see something you cannot buy.

I digress. The point I am trying to make is that now ANY birkins or kelly will sell. Not only will they sell, the new breed of buyers are happy to buy anything just to get a birkin or a kelly. My last trip to Paris I saw one guy hopelessly trying to fit into a (woman’s – unisex my ass) crocodile jumping boots, Cinderella he wasn’t, the shoes were too small as his calf were too big. The hope of an exotic birkin or kelly was ebbing away.

So with the quota limiting the number of exotic bags the Hermes store manager can order, coupled with the hordes of new moneyed clients who would buy anything with a kelly or birkin name attached to it, the result was obvious. It simply made no economic sense to use the quote of ONE himalaya to order the cheapest selling bag on the menu – i.e. the kelly 25. Birkin 35 Himalaya can  fetch 3 times as much! Someone told me the Hermes in Munich received THREE 35cm Himalaya they did not even ask for at podium.

So where do my dinky Himalaya 25 and Kelly 25 come from? Japan. In Europe (not Paris) buying shoes, cashmeres scares and even crocodile belts can get you on the list for the coveted Himalaya, but you don’t get the dinky ones. In Japan however, they would expect you to buy the whole Spring Summer collection and then some, before they allow you a glimpse of the tiny birkin and himalaya.

Lucky us, we have one each to offer today. I wish I have photos show you.. but in the mean time here are the  prices:

25cm Hermes Birkin  HIMALAYA WHITE w PHW £65000
25cm Hermes Kelly WHITE  w PHW £75000

Birkin OSTRICH Tabac Camel £19,500

Ostriches Don’t Fly

30 Ostrich Tabac Camel 38

And judging by the time its taken me to move this one, if it does not move soon, I might just cook it and have it for supper.

However, I do refuse to believe this is possible… look at it, a fine example of Hermes colouring process and the superb treatment to ostrich skin that leaves the spots without the roughness of the 6pm shadow (speaking of which, get your hubby to try the hair removal cream instead of gillette for a really closer than close shave).

Anyway, hope this one hops out of my Salon Prive soon. New Price £19,500 and in Asian money, that not even 40k Sing!

The Ombre Birkin – £45,000

The King of Collectables

B25 OMBRE 08 copyThe Ombre Birkin was last issued in 2010, and has not emerged since. It was selling 3 times retail back then, now I have seen it reached 10 times the price on the Hermes receipt. Ours is a fine example of a very lightly used 25cm Birkin.

An older 2007 version sold at Christies in June 2o15 for $687,500 Hong Kong Dollars (thats £62,129 UK pounds) we took it out of the Paris Auction to have it listed in the 2016 Hong Kong Auction.

Screenshot 2016-03-17 02.49.18http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/textiles-costume/a-rare-shiny-ombre-salvator-lizard-birkin-5897769-details.aspx


Our Price : £45,000

25cm Hermes Birkin Bourgogne / Burgundy Croc GHW £42,5000

The “Pigeon-Blood Ruby” Birkin

B25 Bourgogne 95If you know your rubies, then you probably know that pigeon blood ruby stone is worth millions of dollars. I won’t say that this bag would be worth its weigh in rubies pigeon blood or otherwise, but its certainly a big hit in 2015/16 autumn winter season. A colour that not only appeal to the Western, European and Eastern Europeans, its also a huge hit in the Middle East, and the Far East.

B25 Bourgogne 99

Burgundy is a colour that would do as well in Japan as it would in Copenhagen, and the only other colour that does this is black. Paired with yellow gold hardware, though equal chic with silver hardware, the bag transcends generations. Does not look old for the young and trendy, does not look young for the more mature. What can I say, an overall winner. Possibly replaces Bordeaux for the crown as the best red in 2016.

30cm Hermes Birkin
Bourgogne / Burgundy in Shiny Nilo Crocodile with GOLD hardware
Our Price £42,500

25cm Hermes Kelly Sellier Black Sombrero GHW £13,000

New Leather called Sombrero

Sombrero is  Spanish for “hat”, more specifically that straw popularly worn in Mexico. Why Hermes called this new smooth swift like leather “sombrero” is anybody’s guess butI will put a mental note to ask the Director of Leather in Paris the next time I see him.

Today however we have this new kelly 25 in black sombrero leather with gold hardware. Hope one of you do warm to this new creation and be the first to be seen carrying one.

Our Price : £13,000 UK Pounds

Another amazing listing…

Here is what we have in this week..

all prices in UK pounds 

BNIB 25cm Hermes Birkin  BOURGOGNE Shiny Nilo Crocodile WITH GOLD hardware £45,000 

BNIB 30cm Hermes Birkin  GRIS TOUTERELLE Togo Leather  WITH GOLD hardware £12,500

BNIB 30cm Hermes Birkin  BLUE SAPPHIRE Epsom Leather GOLD hardware £12,500


15cm Hermes Kelly Vintage Croc Purple with Gold Hardware £32,000

 30cm Hermes Birkin  EBENE Matte Nilo Croc Palladium Hardware £17,000  SOLD!

35cm Hermes Kelly BLUE MYKONOS Swift with GOLD hardware £9,500  (lightly used)

35cm Hermes Kelly BLUE ELECTRIC Shiny Croc Porosus GOLD hardware £28,000 !!(Pristine unused)