Gris Tourterelle Kelly Cut Clutch £23,500

The ultimate clutch


In some circles, if it isn’t the Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch – then it isn’t really a clutch worth clutching. Gris Tourterelle made a comeback in exotics with green earthen neutral tone, giving it chic and sophistication whether coupled with gold or silver hardware. A colour most elegant, it’s only coming once and not again for many years. So if you don’t already have one in your collection, it’s probably the last chance you’d get this decade.
Details : Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch in Gris Tourterelle Shiny Croc Porosus Gold Hardware £23,500 uk pounds

What’s new in the Salon Privé in London this week

There are not that many new colours that really caught the market’s attention in 2015 and 2016 is looking equally  disappointing. I mean I love blue atoll and blue paradise, but the ladies just didn’t warm to them. So we are back to the old classics, and here is what we have in the salon this week.

B30 Sapphire30cm Hermes Birkin  BLUE SAPPHIRE in Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware £12,500

IMG_1902 copy30cm Hermes Birkin  GRIS TOURTERELLE in TOGO Leather with Gold Hardware £12,500

B30 Croc Ebene30cm Hermes Birkin  EBENE Matte Nilo Crocodile with Silver Hardware – £17,500

K32 Green32cm Hermes Kelly Sellier Bottle Green in Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware – £8,500

K32 Ghillies Green32cm Hermes Kelly Ghillies VERT VERONESE in Swift Leather with Gold Hardware – £12,500

IMG_189832cm Hermes Kelly GRIS TOURTERELLE in TOGO Leather with Gold Hardware – £12,500

K32 Rose Tyrien32cm Hermes Kelly Sellier ROSE TYRIEN in Epsom Leather with Silver Hardware – £13,500


What? £22,500 for a Red Porosus Croc Birkin 35cm, R stamp and its from LadyHermezz?!!

What?  £22,500 for a Red Porosus Croc Birkin 35cm, GOLD HARDWARE, R stamp and its from LadyHermezz?!!
Yes, but its a fair price for the condition of the bag…. and of course it is used.

B35 USED Rouge H Croc GHW38

Colour is called Rouge H or Rouge Hermes, and its literally half what you would pay on retail for a bag that is barely 2 years old. So if like me many years ago, wanting to venture into the exclusive club of “Croc Birkin Owner”, get this bag. You simply won’t find one cheaper, no matter how bad the condition will be.

B35 USED Rouge H Croc GHW42

35cm Hermes Birkin
Crocodile Porosus Shiny in Rouge H with Gold Hardware
Our Price : £22,500 uk pounds

25cm Hermes Exotic Collection (some reduced!)

USED Ficelle Lizard Birkin with Silver hardware [K stamp, very slight darkening on handles otherwise clean with no marks or scratches. £19,500 uk pounds]

B25 Ficelle Lizard PHW16



BLACK LIZARD with Silver Hardware £32,500 uk pounds

K25 Black Lizard PHW13


Black Shiny Nilo Gold Hardware £42,5oo uk pounds

Bourgogne Shiny Croc Niloticus Gold Hardware £37,500 reduced


Blue Electric Shiny Croc Niloticus Palladium Hardware £39,500


Himalaya Gris Cendre £85,000 (SOLD)

23cm Hermès Pochette Medor

Pochette Medor


Hermès Pochette Medor

Sanguine  Shiny Niloticus Croc  Gold Hardware  SGD 29,000 Singapore Dollars

 Black  Shiny Lezard Palladium Hardware  SGD 21,000 Singapore Dollars

Rouge H  Tadelakt Leather  Permabrass Hardware  SGD 10,000 Singapore Dollars

Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
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