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Bags below are available from London :

32cm Hermes Kelly Gold togo phw stamp T £10300  UK Poubds 

Hermes Kelly cut Rose Sakura swift phw £7500 UK pounds 

35cm Hermes Birkin  Rouge Pivoine clemence Gold Hardware  £11,000 uk pounds 

32cm Hermes Kelly Feu togo ghw £10,300 uk pounds  

32cm Hermes Kelly Feu Epsom sellier phw £11000 uk Poubds 


35cm Hermes Birkin HIMALAYA £65000

Super amazing deal for an amazingly rare piece from Hermes ! The white Himalaya is really ever see at the most salubrious of high society events, on the arms of uber rich socialites like the Ecclestons, Abramoviches, Mitals and the Shings in Hong Kong. 

Details : 35cm Hermes Birkin HIMALAYA WHITE “2015- T stamp Brand New in a Box. £65000 uk pounds