Hermes Mini Kelly Pochette

We have two stunning Hermes Kelly Pochette at an amazing price that you may have missed… so here they are again with new photos taken this morning.

1. Black Swift Leather with Gold Hardware £5,500*

This pochette clutch carries the the H date stamp (2004) and is presented as UNUSED. We have examined the pochette closer and can conclude that given there are no marks inside or outside the bag, no stretch signs on the handle and belts and also more importantly, no scratches on the hardware and loop, that the pochette is indeed unused, despite its age.

KPOC Black GHW84


1. Gris Elephant Matte Alligator with Silver Hardware £14,500*

This pochette clutch carries the the L date stamp (2008) and is presented as UNUSED. The age of the bag and the colour means that this is probably the best value clutch on the market right now.

KPOC Gris Elephant92

* Prices are in UK pounds


The £49,500 sac Birkin Himalaya!

Now that’s a Christmas special…

We are reducing the price of this beautiful pre-owned bag that has been cleaned by Hermes and the hardware replaced. It’s M stamp with the rare brownish grey tones on the sides (as the others are generally grey).  Please feel to e-mail for further information.

Details : USED 30cm Hermes Birkin HIMALAYA WHITE – Matte Croc Niloticus Palladium Hardware £49,500

Are our bags authentic?

A simple answer to that is “yes they are authentic”. But there is really no easy way to answer this question as anyone selling fake bag will tell you the same thing. 

However we ask you to consider the fact that we have been trading for many years, with a lot of returning clients. Had we sold a single fake bag, I am quite sure you would have heard about it on Internet web forums. We certainly would not be as big and successful as we are today if we were in the business of peddling fake bags. 
Consider also that we are UK based. Yes, Ladyhermezz is the trading name of a VAT registered company incorporated in the UK where we file accounts to the companies house each year. 
We bank with Barclays and even authorised to process credit cards (VISA AMEX and MASTERCARD on site). We meet the bank manager quarterly as part of their monitoring process and money laundering checks. Its not easy to open a UK corporate bank account when you are dealing with handbags costing more than £10,000. 

If we knowingly sell fake bags, not only will we get closed down – I would be languishing in prison for fraud by now and not writing this message. 
We also source most of the bags ourselves and retain all proof of purchase from Hermes with a record of who we sold the bags to. In cases where we take in bags from consignors, we apply strict quality check to ensure all the bags we sell are authentic Hermes. 
It’s easy to say our bags are of course authentic, but it’s impossible to prove years and years of 100% satisfaction of selling authentic bags if our bags are fake. 

Ladyhermezz is a business that is based on trust and solid reputation. Without it, there is no business at all. 

Used b35 Rouge H Silver Hardware £28000

This will go double at Christies…

It’s time to grab a real bargain this Christmas. This is a used bag and I am not going to put a spin on this to say that it’s been lightly used or like new. What I can say however is that have known the owner for many years, and no one cares for her bags better. 

We hope to find this beautiful crocodile Birkin bag a lovely home. And be cared for and admired by someone else for many years to come. 

If you have always dream of a red crocodile Birkin then this one is not too far away. Details to follow…

Black Collection

The Black Collection

B25 Black Togo Leather with Gold Hardware £12,500
B25 Black Shiny Nilo Crocodile GOLD hardware £39,000
B30 Black Shiny Nilo Crocodile GOLD hardware £45,000

Crocodile bags must be hand delivered. Please email for more information.

The New Birkin Collection in London

Here are the New Hermes Birkin bags that came in for Christmas

30cm Hermes Birkin Brown Grizzly with Permabrass Hardware £10,500
30cm Hermes Birkin ANEMONE in Epsom Leather with GOLD hardware £14,500
35cm Hermes Birkin Blue Paradise in Epsom Leather with GOLD hardware £12,500
35cm Hermes Birkin BLUE MYKONOS Shiny Porosus Crocodile with GOLD hardware £45,000


25cm Hermes Kelly JAUNE POUSSIN Epsom Gold Hardware just £10,500

Christmas Special!

 K25 Jaune Poussin74

When I got a called from Marie-Francine that they brought out the colour called “Jan-Pusan” I had no idea what colour it was. She said yellow, I was thinking hmmm? what on earth is yellow jan-pusan?!! But of course, I was a bit lost in translation. it was Jaune (which is yellow in French) and Poussin – a posh word for spring chicken, which is pronounced “pusan” and not “pusin”.

Back to the bag in hand. Well, Marie-Francine put me on the wait list of this lovely colour in a Kelly 25cm more than a year ago, and trust me, I have been buying loads of expensive “trinkets” to keep me in her favour until when the bag comes in, I must have bought 2 times over on scarves belts and bracelets.  Now that its here, I can finally present this to you for your perusal. I have asked for a smallest kelly in epsom leather with gold hardware… and that was what I got.

25cm Hermes Kelly
Jaune Poussin
Epsom Leather
GOLD hardware
Our Price : £10,500 UK POUNDS

Salon Privé Singapore December 2015 Listings

Hermès Kelly

  • 25cm Kelly Sellier Blue Paradise  Epsom  Palladium Hardware £12,500
  • 25cm Kelly Sellier HSS Rose Confetti/Blue Atoll  Epsom  Brushed Gold Hardware £21,500
  • 28cm Kelly Sellier Blue Electrique  Shiny Niloticous Croc  Palladium Hardware £40,000
  • 32cm Kelly Retourne Limited Edition Ebene  Croc Ghillies  Palladium Hardware £42,000
  • 32cm Kelly Retourne Limited Edition Beton  Croc Ghillies  Palladium Hardware £42,500

Hermès Birkin

  • 25cm Birkin Bourgogne  Shiny Niloticus Croc  Gold Hardware £41,500
  • 30cm Birkin Terre Cuite  Ostrich  Palladium Hardware £24,500
  • 30cm Birkin Etoupe  Clemence  Palladium Hardware £11,500
  • 30cm Birkin Feu  Togo  Gold Hardware £11,500
  • 30cm Birkin Rouge Casaque  Epsom  Palladium Hardware £12,500
  • 30cm Birkin Gris Tourterelle  Togo  Gold Hardware £13,000


  • 26cm Lindy Terre Cuite  Ostrich  Palladium Hardware £16,500
  • Kelly Pochette Rouge Vif  Tadelakt  Palladium Harware £6,500 (preloved)

Le-Petit Exotique Collection

Details to follow but here is what we have coming in!

25cm Hermes Kelly Sellier BLACK Shiny Croc Niloticus Gold Hardware 

25cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Shiny Croc Niloticus Gold Hardware 

25cm Hermes Birkin HIMALAYA WHITE Matte Croc Niloticus Palladium Hardware 

28cm Hermes Kelly BLUE IZMIR Shiny Croc Niloticus Palladium Hardware 

Crocodile Kelly 32cm BLUE IZMIR £40,500

There are not that many options on crocodile kelly’s at the moment, so it’s refreshing to get one in this shade of blue. 

Works just as well in Winter as it does in Summer, the pastle blue paired with silver hardware is a rather chic arm candy. 

Available to be hand delivered globally, this bag is even open to our US buyers as licence and tax is already included in the price !  

Details : 32cm Hermes Kelly Sellier BLUE IZMIR Shiny Croc Niloticus Palladium Hardware 2015 £40,500 uk pounds