Preview: December 2015…

The market for 35cm has certainly picked up with the recent sell out of almost all the 35cm Hermes Birkin  that came in before it got listed. Here is a quick list of bags that is coming in for December 2015 :

The Himalaya Collection
Note that the Gris Cendre Himalaya is sold. But we have the following available from the 1st December:
B30 Himalaya White £72,500
B35 Himalaya White £95,000 (super rare)
28cm Hermes Kelly Himalaya White £80,000
28cm Hermes Kelly Himalaya Gris Cendre £90,000 (extremely rare)


B25 Black Togo GHW
Other available colours in the same leather and hardware: Blue Atoll (3P), Taupe (16), Bamboo (1K), Turquoise (7B)

B30 Black Epsom Leather Gold Hardware
Other available colours in the same leather and hardware: Blue Atoll (3P), Blue Colvert (1P), Caramel (28), Orange (93), Rouge Casaque (Q5) Rose Jaipur (T5)

B30 Black Togo Leather with Gold Hardware
Other available colours in the same leather and hardware: Blue Electric (7T), Gold (37), Bamboo (1K), Orange (93), Feu Orange (9J)

32cm Hermes Kelly ROSE TYRIEN Epsom Leather Silver hardware  
Other available colours Kelly Bags : Caramel (28), Orange (93), Rouge Casaque (Q5), Rose Jaipur (T5), Gold (37), Bamboo (1K), Blue Electric (7T)

For prices and up to date availability of the above bags, please email

ON HOLD ! 5P Pink 25cm Hermes Birkin Swift Leather with GOLD hardware 

Barbie Doll Pink in a Barbie Doll size Birkin

If there was such a thing of an exclusive colour, this would be it, simply called PINK. When this colour came out (was it 2012?), everyone went crazy as everyone wanted one, but Hermes only approved some of it to be made into bags. The only stores that were allowed to order them were the Japanese boutiques and some Asian boutiques with a quota. At one point, this colour was so coveted that its was literally worth its weigh in gold.

We have not had 5P pink in a long while. This year, a limited number was made and we managed to secure one for www.LadyHermezz.Com. We only have this photo to share for now, more photos in the week to come. (if it has not already sold by then).



25cm Hermes Birkin
5P PINK Swift Leather GOLD hardware
Our Price : ON HOLD

The Orange Dalmatian Kelly 28cm £15,500

Limited Edition Buffalo Leather

The Hermes Dalmatian Collection was a 2008 limited edition and was last last delivered in 2010. Made with Buffalo Skin, its extremely durable, and the colour patches on the bag is so hard to achieve that Hermes only made a small handful of there bags back then. Also, it was only offered for 2 seasons and therefore rarely seen. Only die hard Hermes followers would know about this bag, and most would only catch photos of it on the webpages of the never seeing it in person.

This is the N stamp (2010) version of the bag, and virtually no signs of it being used and therefore presented in a pristine like new condition. The 28cm in a Kelly is also the most sought after size in the house colour of Orange.

LHM_1940 copy

28cm Hermes Kelly
Dalmatian Orange Buffalo Leather Silver Hardware
N Stamp (2010)
Our Price : £15,500