Constance Elan Yellow Souffre Epsom Leather GOLD hardware £8,500

They Don’t Make Many of These

LHM_1434_small copy
When it comes to  big logos on Hermes bags, nothing comes bigger than this.  In fact, its the ONLY Hermes bag with the big shiny metal “H”. The creation was probably before my grandmother was born but certainly after the French won its independence from Britain – or did they get kicked out? Anyway, I digress…. Yes, before the bold Dior “CD” badges, Yves’s YSL and Coco’s  interlocking C icons, there was the big Constance H. (Note however I have not included LV in the same way I have excluded COACH).
LHM_1432_small copy
Indeed, in the 1990’s the H Constance bags were iconic bags of the we to do although by the turn of the century, you can see them hanging on second hand shop windows –  These Constance bags are so well structured, they do last for ever. And Hermes, being Hermes, felt that the bag was losing its “exclusivity” – which is key in creating desires. Hermes cut production drastically. and fast forward to 2010, they started becoming quite difficult to find in the Hermes Boutiques. Which is why we only have ONE constance bag on sale… a pretty one too.
The Elan is the modern rendition of the Sac Constance and we present it here in the limited seasonal and now discontinued yellow – souffre with the even harder to get – GOLD Hardware.
LHM_1430_small copy

Sac Hermes Constance Elan
Souffre Yellow with Gold Hardware
Our Price : £8,500

30cm Hermes Birkin ROSE JAIPUR Epsom Leather Silver hardware £11,500

Blush Pink

B30 Rose Jaipur PHW 49

Rose Jaipur came back in 2014 in Epsom leather after making its appearance in 2012 for the candy version. Not often seen, as 2014 was a year where too many reds were available. Fortunately, no more reds introduced in 2015 (thank god!) but this mellow rose, which is similar to the 2015 rouge pivoine in clemence is still the lovely shade of blush it has always been.

30cm Hermes Birkin
Roje Jaipur in Epsom Leather with Silver Hardware
Our Price : £11,500 

28cm Hermes Kelly BAMBOO GREEN Epsom Leather with Silver Hardware

Stunning Summer Colour

K28 Bamboo PHW31 copy

By far the most popular green since Hermes introduced it at the Summer Podium in 2013, more so that there has been no new greens coming on to the market. For spring summer 2015, only two new colours were introduced, the new pink (Sakura) and the new blue (atoll). Size 28 is also the most sought after size these past few seasonsand the demand for smaller bags is growing.

28cm Hermes Kelly
Bamboo Green in Epsom Leather
Silver Hardware

Our Price: £11,500 UK pounds

35cm Hermes Birkin Rouge Pivoine in Clemence Leather with GHW £10,500 uk pounds

The last 2015 Red

LHM_1667 copy

By the time this colour hit the Hermes shelves, we all know that the previous creative director loved RED.. and the last one he introduced was named after another flower native to Asia and the colours range from white to red – the Peony. For Hermes bags, this colour is close to the Rose Jaipur introduced a few years ago with more rose less orange tones. Paired with gold hardware, its finishes off the bag well. Stunning mellow red that is perfect for summer.

The leather on this bag is very firm, unlike the usual clemence leather and feels lighter, but as the receipt says Clemence, who are we to argue.

LHM_1672 copy

35cm Hermes Birkin
Rouge Pivoine in Clemence Leather with Gold Hardware
Our Price : £10,500 uk pounds

28cm Hermes Kelly BLACK Togo with Gold Hardware £12,500

Hottest Black Kelly

K28 Black GHW 36

The most sought after size in Kelly bags now is the 28cm, practical for daily use – especially in the Far East and suitable for evening wear to social events. We have had a few of these before, but few ever gets to the point where it gets listed on our website. Well, fortunately I have a few hours to kill and the bag is sitting next to me today in the Salon Privé.

Despite being the most popular colour, size and hardware, Hermes made few of these in favour of the new colours for 2015 and most stores in Europe are still refusing to order anything smaller than 32cm. This in turn drives up the prices for bags of this size in the market, and our price reflects this. If you are one of our regular clients, don’t be shy to ask as we do try to meet price expectations all the time where possible.

K28 Black GHW 37

28cm Hermes Kelly
Black Togo Leather with Gold Hardware
Our Price : £12,500

22cm Hermes So Kelly Blue Izmir Clemence PHW £3500

So Kelly that’s not very like a Kelly Bag

So Kelly 22 Izmir 26

I believe the last recorded retail price on this bag is about £4120 UK pounds, not sure what the price is in Europe, but we have had this bag a while now and we list it at £3500 – below retail and is Brand New in a Box. The colour is Blue Izmir – so if you are looking for something distinctly Hermes, probably last of the designs by JPG when he was the creative director at Hermes, this bag is it.

The Hermes So Kelly is made from different leathers, but the most famous version is Togo calfskin. You can literally feel the amazing grains if you touch it gently. There are two pockets – one zipped pocket on the front and one flat pocket on the back.

So Kelly 22 Izmir 23

Hermes So Kelly
Blue Izmir in Clemence Leather with Silver Hardware
22 x 30 x 11 (L x H x D) in cm
Our Price : £3,500

35cm Hermès Limited Edition Kelly Flag White/Rouge Casaque £12,500


Limited Edition Kelly Flag


K35 RC Flag 1If Blue is not for you, we have the Red one too



Limited Edition
35cm Hermès Kelly Flag
White/Rouge Casaque Epsom
Palladium Hardware
Our Price: £12,500 UK Pounds

Available for viewing  @ Salon Privé Singapore +6582287833