The Vert Emeraude £45,500

Emeraude – the jewel among your Birkin collection

Just look at the prices achieved elsewhere for this bag, we may be more expensive at times, but we are most competitively priced compared to our colleagues across the pond. We are about £20,000 UK pounds cheaper than the next available Vert Emeraude Birkin on the market.

Emerald1 copy

Photo above taken from the internet

The Irish say the green is lucky, the Chinese say it brings prosperity – to me it keeps you young and pretty. What ever the reason may be, this is the most sought after colour in the Hermes inventory. To date I have never had anyone wanting to part with this colour – and that included me. Took £55,000 to pry one off my arm 3 years ago and I never really had one since.

Emerald green was not offered in 2014 and neither was it offered in 2015 so far. So you may have to wait till 2017 to see this colour hit the stores again.

Details : 35cm Hermes Birkin VERT EMERAUDE Shiny Porosus Crocodile Silver hardware O STAMP (bought in 2012). Condition : like new

Price : £45,500

35cm Hermes Birkin Rouge Bordeaux GHW

Evergreen Croc

B35 Bordeaux GHW  07

Its odd do use this phrase to describe “Rouge Bordeaux” . The deepness of the red – in a slightly retro / 70’s feel; is a colour that simply put – does not age. It does not get dirty easily and is very easy on the eyes. Red Bordeaux is Hermes “house” colour, but like Emerald green and the Red braise, they only come out once in a few years. We have never knowing failed to sell a bordeaux croc bag, and of all the 35cm croc bags that we have in stock, this colour never stays available for very long. As the photos will show, its indeed a fantastic colour. A must in your collection for sure.

B35 Bordeaux GHW  02

35cm Hermes Birkin  
Rouge Bordeaux Shiny Porosus Crocodile
Gold Hardware

Hermes Kelly Cut Vert Emeraude POROSUS croc £19500

Just Lush!

K Cut Emerald PHW 007

The Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch is the mother of all clutches. Sleek, elegant and sophisticated. Its the true arm candy of any discerning lady (or guy). Not least because its long enough for you to smack someone on the head with it like a policeman’s truncheon. 
K Cut Emerald PHW 003

Hermes Kelly Cut 
Emerald Green shiny porosus crocodile
Silver Hardware
Our Price : £19,500