30cm Hermes Birkin HIMALAYA with Silver Hardware

The Ultimate Croc Birkin

B30 Himalaya  819
The Himalaya Birkin has made its appearence again in 2014 as the shipment of the bag hit the stores in  August and September, mainly based from the order placed back in 2011 summer podium – the last year the bag was offered at podium before it was reintroduced at the summer podium in 2014. Needless to say, we got many calls from the many contacts that we have in the market offering us this most coveted bags. I remember starting September with 6 of these bags to offer, none needed listing on the website.
B30 Himalaya  815
But as we gear up towards Christmas, the demand for this bag will go sky high. Partly the reason why, despite the number of Himalaya available on the market today, most resellers are waiting for the November /December rush. So I thought I would tease the market with this one that came in September….

30cm Hermes Birkin Himalaya
Matte Crocodile Niloticus with Silver Hardware
R Stamp – 2014
Price on application – interested parties please email us at sales@ladyhermezz.com

35cm Cassis Crocodile Hermes Birkin with Gold Hardware

You really don’t want to miss this purple arm candy

Hermes Birkin Cassis Porosus 861

I have taken new photos today to try and capture the true purple colour if this bag, but natural London lighting failed me… perhaps its time to upgrade the studio to include fancy umbrella flashlights, but I do hate the clutter as it is.

Hermes Birkin Cassis Porosus 862 Hermes Birkin Cassis Porosus 863 Hermes Birkin Cassis Porosus 866


35cm Hermes Birkin
Purple CASSIS in Shiny Crocodile Porosus with Gold Hardware
Our Price £45,500

35cm Ostrich Birkin in Chocolate Brown £16,000

The Chocolate Birdie

35 cm Hermes Birkin Ostrich Brown 851
Next to lizard bags, the second rarest skin is indeed the ostrich, with allocation of less than one a year to secure one, you simply have to suck up to the store manager with over the top purchases on their ready to wear like its going out of fashion to get an ostrich birkin. Even then, no bigger that 30cm as it has been decreed by the Gods in Pantin, ” imposible! we don’t make big birdie birds no more”. 
35 cm Hermes Birkin Ostrich Brown 849 35 cm Hermes Birkin Ostrich Brown 854
It is therefore most fortunate that we have been given this bag to market. Although the bag has been used, its been very lightly used, and to be honest, the condition is so pristine that even I cannot tell that it has used. Price point is superb too, with ostrich bags in size 30cm fetches between £20,000 to £25000, pricing this bag at £16,000 is simply a steal. £20,000 would be a fairer election of the true value and certainly easily achieve that at Christies and Heritage auction. 

35cm Hermes Birkin
Chocolate Brown with Silver Hardware
Ostrich Leather N stamp (Purchased in 2011)
Our Price : £16,000

The Kelly iDole (or kelly Doll)

The Limited Edition Kelly iDole

Kelly Idole 330

I cannot imagine what went through the minds of the creative designers of Hermes at the time when they came out with a Kelly bag that looks like a McDonalds McValue happy meal souvenir, but it was a certainly a hit.
Kelly Idole 336
Hermes bags are like family heirlooms – and its very common that bags are bought with the intention to  hand it down from Mother to Daughter. The Kelly iDole was like a little advance gift for the little one before they were old enough to appreciate a full size version. Just small enough to store the most precious little treasures to welcome a new member to the family.
Although the bag is largely discontinued, it is often made to commemorate the ‘birth’ of a new Hermes store around the world. Like a welcome-gift to a new member of the Hermes family of exclusive boutiques.  The one we have here however is the precious original version – in Orange

Hermes Kelly iDole
Orange Swift Leather
Our Price : £15,500 (UK pounds)

Hermès, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Saint-Louis Create Spectacular Atmos Clock: £30,000

A true rare Hermes collectable for the guys!

Hermes Atmos Clock

Hermes Atmos Clock


The Atmos Hermès Clock is produced in a limited edition of 176 pieces – one for each year of Hermès’ existence, sold at both Hermès and Jaeger-LeCoultre boutiques is completely sold out but available here from us.
Clock HermesAtmos 0420
783 years of creative expertise,  Hermès, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Les Cristalleries de Saint-Louis have co-produced a unique clock that is more than that, it is an objet d’art that happens to tell the time. The Atmos movement projects languid tranquility from within the crystalline confines of a unique glass bubble, differentiates itself from every other mechanical timepiece in that it literally never needs to be wound.
The “bubble” design of the crystal globe is hand-blown and hand-cut using the excruciatingly precise technique of double overlay, which sees layers of glass coated on top of one another, including one white coloured layer, after which the top two are cut away without touching the third.
Only six of Saint-Louis’ master glassmakers have the skill and experience needed for the successful completion of this task.

One and only version of the Hermes Atmos Clock
Introduced Basel 2012 and on limited release from 2013/2014
Our Price : £30,000 (UK Pounds)