Blue Jasmine, the movie to watch. The Birkin, the bag to buy.



It was like an awakening after a long lapse of self induced “coma” from the reality of life. How did I miss this movie back in 2013/14. Cate Blanchett ( pronounced ‘blan-shet” not Blanket ?) was superb in it and won the coveted Oscar for Best Performing Actress, as well as the Golden Globe and the BAFTA, ahead of Dame Judi Dench and Meryl Streep.  Cate paid tribute to Judi who then at the age of 79 was still active and filming in India and still active today at 83!

In Blue Jasmine, Cate played a formerly rich glamorous NYC socialite who had to move in with her working class sister when she lost everything. A very Woody Allen movie that will make you realise – even for a very short moment, the importance of the people that you have around you, and appreciate that you are important to them too.

imageWhat I should also not fail to mention is that the headlines for the movie read…  Hermès Bag From ‘Blue Jasmine’ Cost More Than The Film’s Entire Costume Budget

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Cate said that the Hermes bag she carried was more than the $35,000 allotted to the Costume Designer Suzy Benzinger, therefore it was actually borrowed from Suzy’s personal collection for the movie!  I doubt Suzy was aware at the time that her bag was going to be thrown on the sidewalk again and again and again… oooops.

“ and there I was, throwing it on the sidewalk again and again. I felt her blood pressure go up every time it hit the pavement. The waiting list for those bags is decades. You’re in wheelchairs before they arrive,” Blanchett says.

So in 2018, the focus and trend is going towards the Birkin. The Kelly 20 sales have slowed down somewhat, and as the stores focused on the smaller bags, size 35, is beginning to be harder and harder to find. The premium is still far less than the size 30’s but its slowly catching up. Towards the end of last year, demands were for the earthen colours like gold, camel greys and toupes.  For a list of what we have, please visit us at LadyHermezz.Net  we will be revising the prices DOWNWARDS of the bags at this weekend, so do email me if there is a bag that you are particularly interested in.


PS: On a private note,  thank you for the support and encouragement, not least the patience, for the time I have been away. I would not be here today if it were not for each and every one of you.

The bidding war for a handbag… for a 2005 leather birkin.

LadyHermezz  goes youtube…

Christies Auction is synonymous with bidding wars where unimaginable amounts will be exchanging hands of things that will never see the light of day. In the greater scheme of things, the price obtained below is a small fry when compared to the L’Homme au doigt by Alberto Giacometti which sold for $14o at Christie’s in May 2015; or the Pink Star diamond that sold for $70 million by Sotherby’s in Hong Kong last April.

Whilst the general public might not be fazed by the likes of billionaires splurging millions of dollars on sculptures and trinkets, spending a thousand pound on a 12 year old tiny handbag that appears to have been sprayed by a golden metallic paint would make most heads turn and eyes rolled in judgement. Seeing what was actually achieved however would render even the most jaded of individuals utterly speechless. Watch the video… tell me it did not make you gawk.

The Gallop (au galop)

When in London,  gallop down Oxford Street but strut as you turn into Bond Street. Thanks to Hermes new Kelly 2017, you can actually strut and gallop at the same time!

Introducing the 2017 limited edition : The Kelly Gallop.

I cannot remember the last time Hermes adopted an “equestrian” theme to name the style of a bag and indeed odd that they selected the Kelly as it was the Birkin that started its origin from the Haut a Courroies as a bag to carry a riding boots.If doing the handle was not hard enough before, the handle on this collection takes 4 times longer to make and rumoured that they were actually hand made in Italy before being passed to the French master craftsmen to be added to the Kelly.

They come in a number of colours and the ones out now are chalk white, blue electric, indigo, black and gold. For what we have in stock, please visit





HONG KONG will start the Hermes Auction for the Christmas season on the 29th November. They have always performed well with prices exceeding estimate on the majority of bags sold there. There won’t be one in London, as this will be combined with Paris. It was always thought that Paris has performed better than London but I feel that the prices achieved there are in line with resellers prices and sometimes even cheaper.

I am offering the service again to assist anyone wishing to bid in Paris with a door to dor personal delivery of any exotic bags sold. Some exotic bags cannot be sold outside the EU, as we are based in the UK, we won’t be subjected to this restriction. Some bags are subjected to  VAT on hammer price if it is collected in person in France. Ladyhermezz tax status means that we can make purchases without having to pay the VAT and therefore there is nothing to claim back.

The catalogue for the Paris auction can be found on their website.

Please email me at on more information about this service.



Announcing the new website : Ladyhermezz.NET!!!

Dear all,

This was long overdue… and honestly I never thought it was going to happen. But here we are, finally an commerce website. To kick off the website I have reduced the prices of some of our bags. In time, subscribers to will be ported over to We will also link the bags on instagram to this website to allow for you to search the bags that are available for immediate purchase more easily.

The prices on the website is quoted in US$, we are looking at plugins and widgets that will allow you to see the prices in your local currency.

Visit :




35cm Hermes Birkin SHINYT BLACK POROSUS CROC w GHW £49,500

Black is always in demand

There can be endless shades of grey and 20 different shades of red (and blue) but there can only be one true black. At the top of the pile is the sought after 35cm Hermes Birkin Black Porosus Crocodile with Gold Hardware.



Price: UK£ 49,500









35cm Hermes Birkin Etoupe w GHW UK£12,500

Just US£ 16,250 for a hot colour this season.


The market had trended back towards larger bags, favouring less of the dinky 25cm and into a more practical 30cm and 35cm in the Birkin and there demand has been towards Earthen colours. Gold and Orange coming back along side the shades of grey and toupe. Gold hardware is still the one requested most, but orders from the 18-25 age group has veered towards the silver hardware.

We in the UK are still riding the “Brexit” wave, with pounds still quite low – demand for bags from the UK has been high. However bags are still that much cheaper in Europe and with the ever changing policy on who gets what, the Birkin and Kelly bags are still impossible to get from the stores. Having had to pay more for the average bag, we secured this from Germany on Monday. We hope that this go quickly as it is well priced – the same price I had it at back in 2014.


35cm Hermes Birkin
Etoupe in Togo Leather with Gold Hardware
(2017 series – A)

Our Price : UK£12,500
Note that USD is only estimate based on the current mid rate, ask your bank for the actual dollar amount to transfer to us.

The Classic Birkin – Hermès 35cm Black/Noir with Silver Hardware

The Classic Hermès Black Birkin is a practical everyday bag. It is also a sophisticated evening bag. The 35cm size is large enough to carry everything that is needed without becoming heavy.  The Togo leather is soft enough for the hands but practical for daily use. This bag rounds off either a business look, or a together casual look.

This is the ideal Birkin for either business or pleasure. This bag tells people that you have arrived.

This is a Hermès Birkin that everyone needs in their wardrobe.

Details : Hermès 35cm Black/Noir Birkin in Togo Leather with Silver Hardware

Price : US $ 16,935

For enquiries : + 44 7572 424717 /

Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Londres
For enquiries : + 44 7572 424717 /

Birkin / Kelly / Himalayas Available From Our Singapore Salon

Here is a list of bags available in our Singapore salon, please click on the photo for a full size photo. Please contact us if you would like to view or discuss any of these items. Some of these items have just been handed to us so we don’t have full pictures just yet. We will update this post when we have photographed the bags. Watch this space – do people still say that…?

Note all prices are in Singapore Dollars. Please contact us for prices in other currencies.

Constance 18cm Black Epsom Blue Atoll Enamel Hardware (Brand New)
SGD $ 20,000

Processed with MOLDIV

Birkin 30cm Bordeaux Shiny Porosus Gold Hardware (Brand New)
SGD $ 80,000


Birkin 35cm Fauve Alligator Barenia Palladium Hardware (Brand New)
SGD $ 90,000

Birkin 25cm Taupe Togo Palladium Hardware (Pre-loved)
SGD $ 17,500

Birkin 30cm Gris Tourterelle Togo Gold Hardware (Brand New)
SGD $ 25,900


Birkin 30cm Himalaya Niloticus Croc Palladium Hardware (Brand New)
SGD $ 137,000  (Library Picture)


Birkin 35cm Black/Toile Clemence/Toile Palladium Hardware (Pre-loved)
SGD $ 20,500 (Library Picture)

Kelly 28cm Black Togo Gold Hardware (Brand New)
SGD $ 25,800


Kelly 32cm Himalaya Niloticus Croc Palladium Hardware (Brand New)
SGD $ 137,000 (Library Picture)

Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore

For enquiries : +6582287833 /


The Birkin VERSO is here!

Limited edition “Verso” Black and Blue Agate birkin

This is absolutely completely hard to get, and you will so love to carry this among all your arm candies!

2017 saw the return of the Eclat, So Flash, Candy for the summer with the VERSO : 35cm Hermes Birkin with a different colour lining. This is the most sought after BLACK VERSO with Blue Agate interior. Our guys have had the pleasure of securing one from the Paris store so the bag is on its way to me as we speak. We have seen this bag selling and marketed between US$ 20,500 to US$ 27,000 we are pricing ours at US$ 19,500!!! 

We do not have this bag with us just yet… so here are the photos we took from the internet. Please note that the bag below is not the one that is for sale from us.

b35-verso-black-blue-agate-01 b35-verso-black-blue-agate-02


Also available is the GOLD VERSO :which is the 35cm Hermes Birkin  VERSO Gold/Tan with Red Geranium Lining at US$ 18,990

Coming Feb/March 2017

Here is what we have in the pipeline

Exotics List

  1. 25cm Hermes Birkin  Matte Alligator Blue Saint Cyr with Silver Hardware US$ 57000
  2. 30cm Hermes Birkin Matte Alligator BLUE PAON with Gold Hardware US$ 62,100
  3. 30cm Hermes Birkin Shiny Porosus ORANGE POPPY with Gold Hardware US$ 67,000
  4. Kelly Mini Pochette Clutch Shiny Croc VERT FONCE with Gold Hardware US$ 27,600
  5. 28cm Hermes Kelly Shiny Crocodile  Emerald Green with Gold Hardware US$ 69,000


Whats available in London now. (Update)

Here is a list of bags available in London, please click on the photo for a full size photo and where the other photos of the bag can be found on the web directory.


35cm Hermes Kelly Matte Alligator Poussiere

Pink is so over rated this Valentine….


Matte Poussiere Matte Alligator Hermes Kelly with Silver Hardware came in today, and if I can afford it, it would certainly make an amazing collection of Hermes bags for me to lug around with. Its in pristine condition and dare I say, like new condition with plastics on. We are also listing this at an amazing price of just USD 47,500.




Hermes do not make that many bags in ostrich skin as few of the skins ever get selected to be made into handbags. Its not so much that ostrich birds are rare, but to get an ostrich skin where the spots are symmetrical is extremely difficult. So we are quite fortunate to be offered this bag today to kick off 2017.. what’s more, its a 25cm…truly a bright little gem to sling over your shoulder this coming Chinese New Year!

Unfortunately the bag is still En Route to us, and the best we can do is to find a photo on the internet to give you an idea of what ROUGE VIF ostrich looks like.



25cm Hermes Kelly ROUGE VIF (or Bright Red in English)
Ostrich Skin with Gold Hardware

OUR PRICE : US$ 39,500 


22cm Hermes Kelly Mini Pochette Clutch
Rough Vif (or Bright Red in English)
Ostrich Skin with Gold Hardware

OUR PRICE : US$ 22,500 

The Horse Shoe Stamp Birkin

It appears everyone you know is able to order a custom birkin, not only that, they get 3 or 4 or even one every month. They seem to get photos sent to them by the SA for all the new colours and limited edition item and with a clink clink here and click click there, they can secure one from the comforts of their iPhone as they sit opposite you sipping latte at Starbucks. Everyone that is, apart from YOU… the world can be cruel at times. I know the feeling, been there myself.

If you are like me, with better things to do than spending my weekends trying to make polite conversation with the Hermes staff, let someone else do the dirty work. Life is just too short.

We have a few customs made Hermes Birkins and Kellys coming in, and I start with the :

Brand New in a Box (X stamp)
30cm Hermes Birkin
Epsom leather, Etoupe with Rouge Casaque
Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware 

Our Price :
US$ 19,950
HKD155,000 – Euro €19,200 – SG$29,000

40cm HAC Birkin Gris Elephant Porosus Croc Silver hardware £45,000

The Billionnaire’s ManBag


I wouldn’t be walking down Bond Street with one of these, as I don’t want people to think that I am a billionaire, or that I blew all my life’s savings on a bag. To carry one of these, you have to be seriously rich, not because its one of my more expensive bag I have on this website (as clearly it isn’t), but because it a  “man-bag”.

Let me explain, if a guy has £45k to spare, they would sooner buy a car than a bag, but one with £4.5 million to spare… he would already have the car, the watch, the houses and this is something that might appeal to them. I mean, if you walk into Cartier with this bag, they will crack open their special bottle of Cartier champaign just to get you to sit down for a “chat”. Why? Because my dear, you would certainly look like someone with at least a million pounds burning a hole in tailored jeans, and they hope you would spend most of it there.

40cm Hermes Birkin HAC
Gris Elephant Matte Porosus Crocodile
Silver Hardware

25cm Hermes Kelly Black GHW

Coming in soon is the sought after 25cm Hermes Kelly in Black with Gold Hardware seen elsewhere for USD20,000 and available from www.LadyHermezz.Com for just USD17,950!


Details : 25cm Hermes Kelly Sellier Black Epsom Leather Gold Hardware X# 

Price : USD17,950 (negotiable) 

Delivery time scale : Please ask 

Reduced! SANGUINE MATTE Alligator with Silver Hardware £39,900

The Blood Orange Birkin : REDUCED!


Sanguine was a welcome colour to the Hermes Collection at the start of the previous Hermes Creative director reign who came from Lacoste. He wanted to introduce “COLOUR” to the range of Hermes Bags after Jean Paul Gaultier left his mark on the So Black collection before his departure.


For 2016, sanguine only came in the shiny version which is very different to this muted orange look. This is certainly an every day bag for the working lady as it has the neutrality of the earthen orange tone and at the same time adds that little zest of colour to your attire.


35cm Hermes Birkin
Sanguine Orange in Matte Alligator
Presented as Unused Condition Q stamp (2013)
£39,900 UK Pounds (negotiable…)

Up coming bags at great prices..

Here is a list of what we have coming in at good prices…. and to show you how good they are, we are pricing it in Singapore Dollars and US dollars: Click on prices seen elsewhere for link of where the price came from.

Item Price comparison Our Price
 US$  Sing$  Stat
25cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Black GOLD HW US$ 14,473 SGD$ 19,727 SOLD
25cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Blue Paon GOLD HW US$ 17,999 US$ 14,473 SGD$ 19,727
25cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Blue Sapphire GOLD HW US$21,675 US$ 14,473 SGD$ 19,727
28cm Kelly Sellier Contour Epsom Blue Indigo GOLD HW US$ 14,921 SGD$ 20,337
28cm Kelly Sellier Contour Epsom Rouge H GOLD HW US$ 14,921 SGD$ 20,337 SOLD
28cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Blue Sapphire GOLD HW US$ 21,675 US$ 14,921 SGD$ 20,337
28cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Rose Jaipur GOLD HW US$21,500 US$ 14,921 SGD$ 20,337
32cm Kelly Sellier Epsom Black GOLD HW US$18,950 US$ 15,833 SGD$ 21,580
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Black GOLD HW US$ 57,375 SGD$ 78,200
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Gris Tourterelle Palladium US$ 57,375 SGD$ 78,200
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Graphite GOLD HW US$ 53,325 SGD$ 72,680
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Cocoan Palladium US$ 51,300 SGD$ 69,920
32cm Kelly Sellier Shiny Nilo Bordeaux GOLD HW US$ 62,364 SGD$ 85,000

Closer look : 2 tone croc Birkin 

This is a rare “one of a kind” Birkin that you cannot even be on the wait list to order one for. Less that one in every 100 centurion card holders will have the opportunity to order one in their lifetime, so you can wave that card in the air at Hermes like a Diva from Las Vagas if you like,  they won’t give a shit. 

So let’s have a closer look of what £62,5oo Birkin looks like and you’ll see why it could fetch £90k at Christies auction.
Only available from LadyHermezz.Com. 

30cm Hermes Birkin Bordeaux Shiny Porosus Gold Hardware £49,950

There is Red and then there’s Bordeaux

B30BordeauxGHW38 copy

The colour and the bag needs no introduction, so here are the photos .

30cm Hermes Birkin 
Red Bordeaux in Shiny Porosus Crocodile
Gold Hardware


Like New Cheapest Croc Birkins anywhere?

These may not be available for very long… Because of the year of the blind stamp, we cannot say its Brand New in a Box. That said, with ZERO signs of any wear, you’d be hard pressed to prove otherwise.

1. 35cm Hermes Birkin  Rouge H Shiny Porosus Crocodile with Gold Hardware P#£43, 500

 B35RedHGHW16 copy
Additional photos can be found here:

2. 35cm Hermes Birkin  Black Matte Nilo Croc with Silver Hardware P# £42, 500

B35BlackMatte98 copy
Additional photos can be found here:

Quick List of Available Bags in London

( We are repricing the bags in Euros )



35cm Hermes Birkin BORDEAUX RED Shiny Porosus with Gold Hardware T# SOLD



25cm Hermes Birkin OMBRE Silver Hardware M# Euros 48,000
B25 OMBRE 09 copy

30cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Shiny Nilo with Silver Hardware M# Euros  54600 (2015 receipt)
B30 Croc Black PHW 031 copy

30cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Matte Nilo with Gold Hardware  £52,500 (SOLD)

30cm Hermes Birkin Himalaya WHITE  Silver Hardware L# Euros 78,000 (NOT USED)
B30 Hima L Stamp63

30cm Hermes Birkin Himalaya WHITE  Silver Hardware T Stamp £72,500 -(SOLD)

35cm Hermes Birkin ROUGE BRAISE Shiny Porosus with Silver Hardware  M# Euros 36,000 (USED-Missing Lock & Clochette)

35cm Hermes Birkin BLUE ABYSS Shiny Porous Croc with Silver Hardware P# SOLD



35cm Hermes Birkin PAILLE STRAW YELLOW Matte Alligator with Silver Hardware M# Euros 54,600 
B35PaillePHW 45

35cm Hermes Birkin SANGUINE ORANGE  Matte Alligator with Silver Hardware Q# Euros 51,000

35cm Hermes Birkin BLACK Shiny Porosus with Gold Hardware M# Euros56,400
DSC_0729 copy

Calf Leather Birkins

25cm Hermes Birkin GOLD Togo Leather with Gold Hardware X# SOLD

30cm Hermes Birkin BLUE COLVERT Togo Leather Gold Hardware T# SOLD
B30 B Colvert Togo GHW 50 copy

30cm Hermes Birkin GRIZLY Brown with Gold Hardware  P# Euros 13,500
B30 Brown Grizzly GHW 26

35cm Hermes Birkin SO BLACK Box Leather BLACK PVD Hardware O# Euros 26500
B35 SoBlack Box70 copy

USED 35cm Hermes Birkin Gold Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware V# Euros 9000
B35GoldEpsomGHW 75 copy

USED 35cm Hermes Birkin WHITE Epsom Leather with Silver Hardware L# Euros 9000
B35 USED White Ep Phw L#81

USED 35cm Hermes Birkin BAMBOO GREEN Clemence Leather with Gold Hardware R# Euros 9000 


No stock


28cm Hermes Kelly ULTRA VIOLET PURPLE Shiny Nilo Crocodile Silver hardware X# £49,500
K28 Ultra Violet GHW60

32cm Hermes Kelly COCOAN BROWN Shiny Nilo Crocodile Silver hardware P# £38,500
K32 Cocoan Shiny Nilo PHW5 copy

32cm Hermes Kelly GRIS TOURTERELLE Shiny Nilo Crocodile Silver hardware X# £42,500
K32 Gris T Croc Nilo PHW 0 copy

32cm Hermes Kelly GRAPHITE Shiny Nilo Crocodile GOLD hardware X# £42,500

35cm Hermes Kelly  ROUGE HERMES matte alligator with Silver Hardware Q# £28,000 (USED)

Calf Leather

20cm Hermes Kelly Shoulder GOLD  Leather with Gold Hardware £7,500
K20 Shoulder Gold GHW 92

20cm Hermes Kelly WHITE  Epsom Leather with Gold Hardware £9,500

28cm Hermes Kelly BLUE HYDRA EverColour Leather with Gold Hardware £12,500

K28 Hydra35 copy

28cm Hermes Kelly ROUGE CASQUE EverColour Leather with Gold Hardware £14,500
K28 Casaque21 copy

32cm Hermes Kelly ETAIN (tin grey) EverColour Leather with Gold Hardware £12,500

32cm Hermes Kelly GHILLIES  VERT VERONESE Swift Leather with Gold Hardware £13,500

35cm Hermes Kelly BLUE MYKONOS Swift leather with Gold Hardware £7,500

Hermes Kelly Pochette

Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch



BLACK Shiny Porosus CROCODILE  with GOLD HARDWARE £19,500 

Focus : The Customised Birkin Collection

If you have been “offered” a special order bag; it’s a clear sign that you are an important client of Hermes. A “somebody” in a sea of “nobodies”. If you haven’t done the leg work or bought enough tats from Hermes to be offered one, we have done the work (and spending) for you. 

We have a few more coming in this season so stay tuned…. 
1. HSS (horse shoe stamp) 30cm EMERALD and Anise Green Shiny Crocodile (Nilo) Birkin with Gold Hardware £62,500 uk pounds. 
More photos can be found at :
2. HSS 30cm Fuchsia/ Etoupe in Chèvre Coromandel £18,500 uk pounds 

More photos can be found at : 

 3. HSS 35cm Rose Shocking/ Violine lining Birkin in Chèvre Mysore (you can no longer order a Chèvre bag in this size making it an extremely rare therefore collectable bag) £16500 uk pounds 
More photos can be found at :


Quick List of Available Bags in Singapore

– 25cm Hermès Birkin –

Himalaya Blanc with Palladium Hardware SGD 137,000
Rose Sakura Swift Leather with Palladium Hardware SGD 25,000

– 30cm Hermès Birkin –
Beton Matte Alligator with Gold Hardware POA
Terre Cuite Ostrich with Gold Hardware SGD 49,500
Fuchsia Ostrich with Palladium Hardware – SGD 29,500
Craie Togo Leather with Gold Hardware SGD 25,000
Fue Orange Togo Leather with Gold Hardware SGD 22,500

– 32cm Hermès Haut à Courroies –
Mousse Ostrich Beton with Gold Hardware (preloved like New) SGD 44,000

– 35cm Hermès Birkin –

Black Shiny Porosus Croc with Gold Hardware SGD 100,000
Fauve Barenia Matte Alligator with Palladium Hardware SGD 90,000
Beton Matte Alligator with Palladium Hardware (Pre loved) SGD 80,000
White Clemence Leather with Palladium Hardware SGD 23,000
Limited Edition Tosca Candy with Palladium Hardware (pristine – lightly used) SGD 19,500

– 40cm Hermès Birkin –
Black Togo with Gold Hardware SGD 23,000

– 28cm Hermès Kelly –
Rouge Casaque Epsom with Palladium Hardware SGD 24,000
Black Togo with Palladium Hardware SGD 23,000

– 32cm Hermès Kelly –
So Black (preloved like NEW) SGD 100,000
Tri Leather Ghillies Sanguine with Permabrass Hardware SGD 90,000
Bordeaux Shiny Nilo Croc with Gold Hardware SGD 85,000
Rouge Granat Togo with Gold Hardware SGD 25,000

– 35cm Hermès Kelly –
Sellier Graphite Shiny Porosus Croc with Palladium Hardware SGD 90,500
Feu Epsom with Gold Hardware SGD 25,000
Limited Edition Flag White/Rouge Casaque with Palladium Hardware SGD 25,000

– Others –
23cm Medor Bleu Colvert/Bleu Pétrole Alligator/Lézard Palladium Hardware POA
Kelly Pochette Rose Confetti with Palladium Hardware  SGD 17,000
18cm Constance Blue Electric with Palladium Hardware (Preloved like NEW) SGD 40,000
Kelly Pochette Orange Alligator Palladium Hardware SGD 37,000
23cm Medor Black  Shiny Porosus Croc Palladium Hardware SGD 29,000
23cm Medor Sanguine Shiny Niloticus Croc Gold Hardware SGD 29,000
Kelly Pochette Blue Iris Ostrich Gold Hardware SGD 27,500
23cm Medor Black Shiny Lézard Palladium Hardware SGD 21,000
29cm Jige Coraline/Orange~Milo/Lezard Niloticus SGD 13,000
23cm Medor Rogue H Tadelakt Leather Permabrass Hardware SGD 10,000

Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
For enquiries : +6582287833 /

Preloved like NEW 18cm Hermès Constance Blue Electric Shiny Alligator PHW SGD40,000


Processed with MOLDIV

Preloved like NEW
18cm Hermès Constance

Blue Electric
Shiny Alligator
Palladium Hardware
SGD40,000 (Singapore Dollars)
Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
For enquiries : +6582287833 / 

Preowned 35cm Hermes Birkin PAILLE £35,000

The Last Straw?

B35PaillePHW 45

This is the colour that only came out once and was never really seen again because the attempt to revive this colour in 2014 resulted in a darker shade and was then called Mais.

B35PaillePHW 40

On a light colour like this, the skin used must first be of a certain shade, too dark and the darker shade of the skin needs to be bleached which weakens the skin. Therefore the skin itself must be of a certain quality before it can be used to make light shaded coloured bags. With yellow, it is particularly difficult to achieve unless the original skin itself is very pale to begin with. Which is why for example, light matte pink and light yellow shades are rare to be found.

This bag was purchased in 2009 and from the look of it, which confirms what the owners has said, it was hardly ever worn. The handles is hardly darken and no scuff marks on the bag.  Superb price too as its well below retail given that the UK pounds is weak!

35cm Hermes Birkin  
Paille / Straw Yelow in Matte Alligator
M Stamp (2009)

30cm Hermes Birkin Etrusque Croc GHW £39,900

The golden brown croc Birkin

Birkin 30 Etrusque Croc

If you were ever privy the highly “confidential list” of colours offered at podium and for special orders, you will know that Etrusque was never one of them. The colour was last seen on the Ostrich back in 2007/2008 era and to my knowledge has never appeared since. To be offered one in crocodile is certainly completely unexpected.

The colour is similar to Miel, with perhaps a touch of yellow. reminds me of maple syrup on pancakes. With gold hardware the bag stand out but with an earthy neutral tone.

30cm Hermes Birkin
Etrusque Brown Shiny Nilo Crocodile with Gold Hardware
£39,900 on nearest offer

35cm Hermès Birkin Fauve Barenia Matte Alligator PHW SGD 90,000

Contemporary Classic

Processed with MOLDIV

It’s difficult to describe this leather. Exotic matte yet it has that velvety feel to it.

Dyed and processed in the same way as the Barenia Saddle leather.

This skin is the most expensive of all Hermes range  even more expensive to buy than the Himalaya. With contrasting white stitching, its oozes chic, sophistication in the most youthful and casual way.

35cm Hermès Birkin
Barenia Matte Alligator
Palladium Hardware
SGD 90,000 (Singapore Dollars)
Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
For enquiries : +6582287833 / 

32cm Hermès Kelly Ghillies Sanguine Tri Leather SGD 90,000

Limited Edition

Processed with MOLDIV


Limited Edition
32cm Hermès Kelly 
Tri Leather Ghillies
Permabrass Hardware
SGD 90,000 (Singapore Dollars)


Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
For enquiries : +6582287833 / 

Pre-loved 30cm Hermès Birkin Fuchsia Ostrich Palladium Hardware SGD 29,500

Amazing Colour @ Bargain Price

B30 Fuchsia Ostrich Phw 1


30cm Hermès Birkin
Palladium Hardware
SGD 29,500 (Singapore Dollars)


Available for viewing @ Salon Privé Singapore
For enquiries : +6582287833 / 

Cheap preloved collection (New Photos & Reduced Price!)

Some deals are too good to miss!

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We picked up the following bags today for quick sale as we enter the final semester before the summer holidays…  we will replace the photos below when daylight comes, but for now, as you will be reading this in Asia…

1. SOLD £8500 (UK Pounds) Limited Edition 32cm Hermes Kelly Flag in Flamingo and Coral – the rare and most sought after Kelly Sellier. Condition is Excellent – with minor signs of wear and a visible dent in the back but no other marks and scratches.

K32 Flag Flamingo Coral 05

2. £8500 HSS (Horse Shoe Stamp) Special Order Two tone 35cm Hermes Birkin  in Gris Tourtetelle and Rose Jaipur in Clemence Leather with Gold Hardware. The bag still retains its shape and a special pillow will be provided with this purchase in order to retain its shape in the longer term.

HSS B35 Etoupe RJ GHW 15


3. £8500 32cm Hermes Kelly Sellier in BOTTLE GREEN COURCHEVAL (the old Epsom) with Gold Hardware “W” in a circle. For a bag this old, its in as meat perfect condition you can find. In the colour that is similar to Vert Bangle. The bag is with the original hardware right around the time a shoulder strap was introduced but not before the Double D was brought in. We price this collectable item higher than the newer bags below simply because of its amazing rarity.

K32 Bottle Green Vintage33

Beige is the new black?

Tabac Camel, Mais and Paille got together for a photoshoot

We have a lightly used 35cm Hermes Birkin  Paille (Straw) Yellow coming to us next week (not the one in the photo by the way), the 30cm Hermes Birkin in Tabac Camel Ostrich with gold hardware and a new comer, 30cm Hermes Birkin Mais (Maize) in Matte Porosus Crocodile with Gold Hardware to offer this week. Prices noted below, but here are the photos.

B30 Croc Mais GHW48 copy

Details & Prices

30cm Hermes Birkin TABAC CAMEL OSTRICH with GOLD Hardware £19,500

30cm Hermes Birkin MAIS Matte Porosus Crocodile with GOLD Hardware £46,500

35cm Hermes Birkin  Paille Matte Porosus Crocodile with Silver Hardware £32,000 (used)